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Singers, songwriters, and producers: This online course will dramatically elevate your vocal production quality to a professional level with an easy step-by-step guide to producing Record Ready Vocals, whether in a studio or at home. 

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Meet your new instructor

Christian Burns is a multi platinum selling artist who has been in the music industry for over 20 years, initially as a member of the globally renowned band BBMAK, and then racking up millions of streams both as a solo artist and when featuring on global hits with huge names such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, BT and many, many more. Christian's vocal productions have also featured on Grammy nominated albums, commercials, TV shows and in blockbuster movies.

Vocals made easy

In this online course, I squeeze over 20 years of knowledge and experience into a series of over 40 clearly-explained video tutorials. Every detail of professional vocal production from mindset to mic choice, reverb to rendering will be covered in the course along with full access to all my secret vocal production and arrangement tricks and techniques.

Designed for all levels and genres, this course is for everyone. You’ll pick up my methods with ease whether you’re an experienced producer or if you’re at the beginning of your journey. I’ll make it easy for you to create stunning vocals in every track you make from now on.

Don't sell yourself short


There are so many elements to a great vocal recording. Get any one of them wrong and you can easily ruin a vocal.

If you’re an artist or a singer, make sure you do your talent justice. Give your gift the pedestal it deserves to impress family, friends, co-writers, labels and other music industry ears.


Empower the artist within


Take power into your own hands.

Never again will you have to rely on somebody else to produce your vocals. I’ll give you the skills and tools so that you can produce your own stunning vocals. Empower yourself and nothing will hold back the artist within you.

Set for success


In module one I’ll give you all the tools to prepare yourself for success. You’ll be guided on how to get the acoustics right before recording and how to make anywhere a great space to capture vocals.

I’ll explain to you about mic choice, mic position, audio interfaces, how to prepare your mindset, your surroundings and much, much more.

Capture the magic

Module two contains everything you need to know about Digital Audio Workstations and computers. I’ll give you workflow and organizational skills to help you make breathtaking vocals. You’ll be shown how to work with instrumentals, how to use auto-loads, how to set the correct recording level and most importantly, how to track vocals.

I stand corrected


Vocal tuning is a struggle for many and this module alone is worth your investment in the course.

In module three you’ll thoroughly explore corrective processing, including how to make the daunting task of vocal comping easy. I’ll teach you how to compile your best ever vocal performance with confidence. You’ll be shown how to tune vocals with absolute transparency.

studio sound


In module four you move on to the rewarding process of tonal processing. I’ll hold your hand through the process of how to make your own record ready vocal chain.  This includes how to equalize vocals, how to use compression, multi-layer compression, how to de-ess your vocals and how to add that expensive and illusive studio polish to your finished vocal.

Unicorns are real


Unicorn - noun - something that is highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain

Module five is where you’ll learn all about vocal effects and how to use them. Reverb is explained in meticulous detail, along with how to master the use of delay, create tight vocal effects, produce stunning ambient vocals and construct catchy vocal chops. Now that you’ve found the unicorns you will be able to make epic vocal throws and transitions.

Add emotion
and intimacy


Module six is where I’ll cover vocal alignment and arrangement.  We’ll also deal with how to inject emotion and intimacy into your vocal recording, spotlighting phrases and how to add contrast between sections. I’ll demonstrate all my layering tricks and show you how to create huge sounding vocal stacks along with how to produce tasteful usable ad libs.

Secret sauce


In module seven you will discover the hidden rewards of automation, vocal groups and vocal bus processing. I show you how to fit vocals in the mix and how to export your vocal stems flawlessly.

Let's make magic together


Once you have mastered your new skill then head over to the community where you will be able to talk to others and start collaborating.

I am really excited about this feature - it gives me the opportunity to check out your music, give feedback, advice and possibly discover a future star in the making.

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Private Community

When you enroll you gain lifetime access to an exclusive private community, where you can share your creative journey with myself and other like minded vocalists, writers and producers from around the world. Our community is a place for collaboration, a place where you can get creative feedback and find answers to any burning questions you may have.

Lifetime Access

When purchasing Record Ready Vocals you gain lifetime access to the course and all future updates. As technology evolves so does this course. You will be kept up to date on the latest techniques, software and hardware, to make sure you're always one step ahead of the game.

John Goodier

I’m genuinely blown away by the amount of gems in this course. It has taken the vocals in my productions to a whole new level. So inspiring to use these new tricks in my tracks. I couldn’t recommend it any more!! Brilliant!



Peter Norman

What a transformation. My vocal sound is just wow now. This course has taken my vocals to another world. From start to finish, the sessions are easy to follow and understand. Easily the best online course I have ever invested in.


Jeremy Alexander

 Pure gold. Simply explained. You’ll find some head-scratching techniques that really make you think outside of your own box (and every youtube video you’ve seen) the unicorn stuff is absolutely game-changing... 



Special introductory bonuses
Record Ready Assets


RRV Discounts 

Unlimited access to exclusive RRV member discounts for third party software + hardware.

RRV Recommendations  

Access to Christian’s hardware + software recommendations.

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RRV Channel Strips

Receive ready made RRV channel strips, including dry chain, complex
FX chains + Bus chains. Lite versions of all channel strips are included and we are currently supporting Logic + Ableton, with more formats to follow.

RRV Presets

A selection of presets for some of Christian’s favourite FX plug-ins including lite versions, along with some signature sounds including the exact slapback used on ‘In the Dark’.

RRV Sounds

A range of Christian’s vocal loops and chops available exclusively to RRV members. The collection includes epic choral soundscapes, vocal chops and stunning blurred backgrounds, that are all ready to drop into your next track.

Superpad (Limited launch bonus)


Each note on the Superpad is made up 64 layers of Christian’s vocal, meticulously crafted to produce an emotive, haunting and atmospheric vocal element to your track. Not only has the Superpad been used on many of Christian’s records but also further afield such as at Shanghai Disneyland, where it can be heard throughout the park.

Available for free with RRV for a limited time. 


“One of the most beautiful and evocative instruments I’ve ever owned. There is a bit of pure magic in this sound"

BT - Grammy nominated
composer and technologist. 


Money back guarantee


I am confident that you’re going to benefit from the course and that you will be delighted with the progress that you have made. 

However, if for any reason you’re not, then you have a 14 day full money back guarantee.



Empower the artist within

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